Framing Statement

Dear Dr. Frank,

I feel this paper really shows improvement in all of the outcomes. I know I was almost the mastery of writing as a recursive process. With this paper I think I have almost mastered the recursive process if I have not already. I feel I did a good job with integrating the ideas of others. I think I used many more quotes in this paper than I have in any paper and I tried to make sure they all were necessary and that I explained them. I also tried to make sure I planted naysayers to further complicate my claim while integrating the ideas of others. I feel that I have mastered documenting work with the appropriate conventions because it was nothing new to me. I feel I have a pretty solid understanding of how to cite sources. I think all the other outcomes are doing well considering how our meeting went. I have been improving on my engagement with the course because that was my lowest mark out of the outcomes we had practiced. I do need to work on the organization of my website so that it is clear where my assignments are on the portfolio.