Reflective Statement over ENG 122

For writing as a recursive process I believe I am now a master at this skill because I used Barclay’s Formula in my revision and made many more significant changes. I also believe I am a master because I was already above average at the mid-term assessment meeting. I think the progress is evident in the peer review draft and final draft of my discourse essay. You can see the major changes between the literary narrative and the discourse paper.

My engagement has improved significantly since the mid-term meeting. I have gotten everything up on the site and by the end of the year my ePortfolio was organized with everything necessary on the site. I also have used the comments on my peer reviewed papers as a way of engagement. I consider this engagement because I actively try to complicate my papers based on the comments and critiques I received. I do not believe I have mastered this skill but I do believe I have passed the midpoint in the last few weeks of school.

I think i effectively integrate the ideas of others in my paper. I did integrate them well in my papers but it was easier to use their ideas in my literary narrative because it was all of my ideas and experiences in the paper. With the discourse paper it was harder because using the ideas of my peer reviewers meant adding details from the two other authors we had to incorporate. I also think I integrated the ideas of Gee and Cuddy well because using their ideas to support mine and using them as naysayers helped complicate my argument which gave me more to talk about.

At the beginning of the year I struggled with active reading and responding to the readings and the activities. As of now I think I have improved with active reading especially with the Gee and Cuddy reading assignments. I feel my sessions with Professor Drown helped me to become better at active reading with techniques that helped me get an idea of the paper and make annotations that would help when going to class.

My ability to critique others work has improved because I wrote comments that helped people expand on their ideas instead of small grammatical errors. I also take critiques that I receive seriously and integrate them a lot to make big changes. I know some of my comments have helped people with their ideas or to help them explain their points more so that it can be easily understood.

My ability to control my error patterns has improved because I have identified my common errors and work to make sure I do not make those errors. During the revision process I also go through to make sure I don’t have those errors. Identifying the errors I make helped me to expand my sentence structures and make effective revisions to my papers.