Reading Questions for Alexander and Brandt

Brandt says “they can lend their resources and credibility to the sponsored…”(Brandt 367). Lending their credibility to the sponsored can help that person succeed because people are more likely to trust them. Resources are helpful because when someone is still learning they usually do not have a lot of useful resources.

Reading and writing is highly valued because it helps people gain success in the long run. Most people have a complicated relationship with reading and writing because it is forced on us at such an early age. By the time we have the freedom to write about what interests us most people have lost interest in writing all together.

The “child prodigy” little narrative interested me because I had a friend who is like that. She’s smart but is always put on display for everyone to see. She was always reading and writing and at the library studying. The second little narrative that interested me is the “rebel” one because I can relate. I am the rebel. I don’t particularly dislike reading and writing but I try to do the least amount of work or do my assignments in a different way.

Brandt and Alexander Blog Post

This annotation is asking why we exploit literacy because Brandt is discussing how literacy is crucial and how we use it to teach and manage .
At the beginning of this reading it is talking about how literate skills had grown vulnerable so I asked what is the worth of literacy after the steam press.







Using the same picture from my first annotation, I also made literacy equal to competition because she said the correct types of literacy sponsors are crucial to political and economic well-being. I equate this to being able to compete for success in the world.