Anti-racist movement

It is very possible to start an anti-racist movement at UNE but it would take quite a bit of effort.

A social movement at UNE is possible to start but the implications would be hard to overcome. Strong ties are key into starting this movement but for it to endure it would need weak ties throughout the university. The strong ties would need to be between the African-Americans which would take time to build and there would also need to be strong ties with the faculty members that care about starting this movement throughout the faculty and student body. Next there will need to be enough weak ties to spread through the school and raise enough concern through all social groups to start a movement serious enough that they can’t ignore.

Changing a habit

My mom stopped smoking after she found out she was pregnant. After giving birth she tried to start smoking again but just the smell repulsed her to this day. I think a drastic change has to happen in someone’s life for them to willingly decide to stop a bad habit or cycle in their life.

P3 feedback

My participation and classwork is not where it should be seeing as I did not write paper 3. I need to seriously improve my writing process by participating in class so that I can pass this course. I also need to complete all the homework up until the end of the course so that I can earn all the possible points to pass the class. My papers will greatly improve because I will be keeping up with all the material so I will have better quotes and a better understanding of what I’m writing about. So I need to greatly improve in all the learning outcomes to pass this class.

“I Just Wanna be Average” essay pre-writing activity

The section of the reading on page 19-22 discusses Rose’s interest in his chemistry set. This interest shows a child’s curiosity with the world and how things that are more and more dangerous interest him. This is shown when his mom’s coworker has a son that was seriously injured while playing with explosives. While most would see that as scary he wanted to experience it. He follows that incident by wanting to recreate that event on himself. He is exploring his interests and he seems to be taking a liking to the sciences like chemistry or astronomy.

Second set of Gay questions

1.  Using but in writing helps strengthen and complicate the argument by adding a different perspective that usually disagrees with what is before the but. Miller and Jurecic state in a table that but is the “foundation for critical thinking”(104). Without but to expand our argument it becomes difficult for people to think deeper and question ideas without being able to challenge them. Without critical thinking many of the ideas and speeches from the past would have far less of an impact. Miller and Jurecic talk about how Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address would have been far less important if it ended before the third paragraph where he says but. In “Bad Feminist” by Roxane Gay uses but thinking to turn the paper towards her perspective. Gay states, “I used to say my favorite color was black to be cool, but it is pink – all shades of pink”(7). The world tells us that to be a feminist you can’t like things that are feminine like the color pink. This but statement strengthens her point that she is a feminist, but she is a bad one by society’s standards of how a feminist should look and act like. By her developing her idea through using but makes you think deeper about the topic as a whole.

2. The sisterhood Gay is referring to is the “anger, humorless, militancy, unwavering principles, and a prescribed set of rules for how to be a proper feminist woman, or at least a proper white, heterosexual, feminist woman…(1). The article starts as a but thinking article but switches to and thinking after she has established her ideas on the feminism that is seen by the world. And thinking “…is the act of connecting like to like, with thoughts or observations like together via the explicit or implicit use of and”(Miller&Jurecic 101). Using and adds information but doesn’t had information that is different from the previous information given.

Signal phrases, embedded quotations, summary, and paraphrase revisions

Alexander states a victim in a narrative “is a victim of negative literacy experiences, in or out of school”(Alexander 615).

This is a proper embedded quote because it flows with the sentence and it has a signal phrase.

Being able to compete with your peers is important because “literacy, like land, is a valued commodity in this economy, a key resource in gaining profit and edge”(Brandt 558).

This embedded quote does not have a signal phrase because it flows into the sentence to complete the thought and support my idea.

If people cannot keep up with the expectations that are constantly changing then we enter “the literacy crisis that is, the perceived gap between rising standards for achievement and people’s ability to meet them”(Brandt 559).

This embedded quote helps to strengthen my idea without a signal phrase.

Ciara’s dad inhibits her success by focussing on making sure she would pronounce everything on the page of a book correctly at the age of 5 or 6. This part of learning made her change her outlook on reading. Ciara continued to not read all the way until she was told to read “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie which sparked her interest. Ciara’s experiences with reading continued to get worse; however, she realized she enjoyed writing. She took a low level course with a sponsor named Mr. Furtek who unbeknownst to him enabled her to continue not reading. She realizes she likes writing when she starts publishing articles in journalism class with Mr. Kehrl. Ciara’s narrative ends with her still dreading reading due to her earlier sponsors.

This paraphrase could be improved because it is actually too much summary and could use quotes.

Summary and Paraphrase worksheet

Alexander’s article and my topic are related because it actually categorizes and discusses my topic of victims. Success, Victims, and Prodigies discusses the different themes of literacy narratives from real student narratives that focus on the topics in the title with supported evidence. Alexander’s article shows the different types of narratives through actual student literacy narratives. She also puts the narratives in categories and gives a definition of what should be in the narrative that makes it fit in a certain category.

Brandt’s writing is relevant to my topic because the ideas in her writing will help further complicate my writing with her discussion on sponsorship. Brandt’s writing discusses how a sponsor can either help or inhibit success in any field. Brandt’s Sponsors of Literacy discusses the people who had opportunities and those who did not and how those who did not got around it. She also writes about the importance of literacy because it is how we advance in the world. She also discusses the fact that literacy is a way of competition and those who do not learn it will not be able to compete.

Sponsors elaborate on the many types of human relationships and ideals that are pushed on them that is shown through learning and sharing between ages in different professional settings(Brandt 558).

Some students refuse to view themselves as victims even though they rebel against the system that is placed before them(Williams 344).

“Success narratives” are usually told without a specific time to relate an experience to(Alexander 616).

“Child prodigy narratives” show that literacy will show success, but these narratives also pinpoint a certain experience that reinforces their narrative(Alexander 619).

Deciding a Focus and Relevant Sources

I want to focus on how the victim’s negative experience impacts their ability to keep up with their peers due to their impacted confidence.  I will use Brandt and Alexander to support my argument. I will use Brandt because the article discusses those who were victims because they aren’t offered the same opportunity. She also discusses sponsorship which will be a help me further complicate my writing. Alexander’s article categorizes the schema for narratives so that will help me explain what makes a victim in a narrative. I have selected Ashley Harmon, Ciara Oakley-Robbins, and Caroline Wilson as my literacy narratives for right now.

Relevant Narratives in Rising Cairn

The topic that interests me is the victim part of the narratives.  The victim usually blames someone else for their experience with reading and writing that is usually negative.

Ciara Oakley-Robbins

Evan Dodge

Ashley Harmon

Teagan Bollman

Caroline Wilson

Duane Wheeler