Essay 2 Prewriting Activity

a. According to Yoshino covering is “to tone down a disfavored identity to fit into the mainstream.” I believe this means not showing parts of your identity that would be considered annoying or would put you in a bad light. In my experience I have being “covering” being loud or outgoing because it can be seen as annoying and unfavorable by other people.

b. Winnicott states that “The True Self is the self that gives an individual the feeling of being real, which is “more than existing; it is finding a way to exist as oneself, and to relate to objects as oneself, and to have a self to retreat for relaxation.” He further explains that the False Self protects your True Self by conforming the False Self to what is expected by “environmental demands.” The False Self’s one positive function is to protect the True Self. “Winnicott believes both selves will exist even in the healthy individual.” He thinks the False Self is eventually only used as a “polite and mannered social attitude” so that the True Self can be recognized.

Stories of my name

My mom says when she was pregnant I would always kick when she would watch figure skating on tv. She thought I would become a figure skater. So she named me Daria after a Russian figure skater from 1998. I have not found who this figure skater is but according to my mom I was most active while she would skate. Most people older than me associate my name with the MTV show “Daria” which for the most part I can relate to. She is someone who is very sarcastic and has a dry sense of humor which I believe most of my friends with agree I can at times.

My nickname from middle through high school was DarDar which was given to me during a school activity that I can’t quite remember but it stuck. This is name that came from a fellow classmate and that many of my classmates referred to me as.

Many people mispronounce my name in different ways. Most commonly I get the “Dar” pronounced like dare followed by “ia”. It’s mispronounced so often that I respond and often don’t correct people anymore just because they usually continue to mispronounce it.

While my first name has no significant meaning to my family, my middle name has a connection to my mom’s side of my family. My middle name is Christina and it was given to me by my mom because it was my great grandmother’s middle name. This name has a lot of meaning because my great grandmother asked for it to be in my name as the first or middle name. My mom and grandmother feel that it connects to her since I never met her as she died hours before I was born. So my middle name closely connects me to my great grandmother for my family where as for me I never met her so it connects me to my family who thinks I am a lot like her.

My last name connects me to my dads family. I’m not sure where the Letcher name originates other than from my dads father. In some quick searching I found out that Letcher is a variation of Lecher which is related to someone who lives near a stream. I found that interesting because I live near the Mississippi River, so it’s not a stream but it’s still a body of water. So my last name disconnects me from my mom’s side of my family but my middle name makes up for it with its connection.