Signal phrases, embedded quotations, summary, and paraphrase revisions

Alexander states a victim in a narrative “is a victim of negative literacy experiences, in or out of school”(Alexander 615).

This is a proper embedded quote because it flows with the sentence and it has a signal phrase.

Being able to compete with your peers is important because “literacy, like land, is a valued commodity in this economy, a key resource in gaining profit and edge”(Brandt 558).

This embedded quote does not have a signal phrase because it flows into the sentence to complete the thought and support my idea.

If people cannot keep up with the expectations that are constantly changing then we enter “the literacy crisis that is, the perceived gap between rising standards for achievement and people’s ability to meet them”(Brandt 559).

This embedded quote helps to strengthen my idea without a signal phrase.

Ciara’s dad inhibits her success by focussing on making sure she would pronounce everything on the page of a book correctly at the age of 5 or 6. This part of learning made her change her outlook on reading. Ciara continued to not read all the way until she was told to read “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie which sparked her interest. Ciara’s experiences with reading continued to get worse; however, she realized she enjoyed writing. She took a low level course with a sponsor named Mr. Furtek who unbeknownst to him enabled her to continue not reading. She realizes she likes writing when she starts publishing articles in journalism class with Mr. Kehrl. Ciara’s narrative ends with her still dreading reading due to her earlier sponsors.

This paraphrase could be improved because it is actually too much summary and could use quotes.