“I Just Wanna be Average” essay pre-writing activity

The section of the reading on page 19-22 discusses Rose’s interest in his chemistry set. This interest shows a child’s curiosity with the world and how things that are more and more dangerous interest him. This is shown when his mom’s coworker has a son that was seriously injured while playing with explosives. While most would see that as scary he wanted to experience it. He follows that incident by wanting to recreate that event on himself. He is exploring his interests and he seems to be taking a liking to the sciences like chemistry or astronomy.


I could have done better to prepare for this last paper. I missed classes and did not complete all of the homework leading up to the paper. By not completing all of the reading when they were due, I was behind in the discussion in class so I was not able to get the most out of talking with my classmates. I did complete the first assignment which is under my reading log with my annotations on the assigned pages. I also have quotes from the first section of the Yoshino document in my quote/word bank. My quotes were very useful in the structure of my paper. I think I am not yet meeting my goals on the engagement with the text because I fell behind on the material but I think I am getting on a path towards becoming an expert now that I am aware of the effort necessary to do well in the course. My writing could have used more elaboration on the ideas that I had for clarification to what I believed. I also could have integrated my ideas with the sources. I have not yet reached the goal of using the source to sufficiently support my argument. I am a novice in many areas that I should be excelling at during this stage of the writing process.